Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Morning News

Quick I am on my way out to the hospital.

Weights first....
Jenna 5lbs 11.7 oz
Blake 5lbs 14.4 oz

Blake is doing well without cannula so far,we are so proud of him. Their egg crates have been removed and they are now sleeping on flat surfaces in praparation for the mattress they will be sleeping on at home. Jenna is at three bottle feeds a day. And the two big events are that Blake's eyes will be rechecked. PLEASE SEND OUT A LITTLE PRAYER that he gets a good bill of vision health. And last but not least, we are in the process of getting the okay to start nursing. Over three months after birth and we may finally get to start nursing. After all that....(I am not going to be modest here).....ANNOYING TEDIOUS EVERY TWO HOUR pumping, it looks like it will start to pay off even more.

K, time to go see my babies.

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