Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday, April 6

Today Jason and I met with the speech therapist, Elizabeth, to go over Blake and Jenna's progress with feeding. Jason fed Jenna. She has made some progress with pacing herself and breathing. We are still needing to help pace her a bit. I fed Blake and he really took his time today. He did very well though. While I was feeding him, I nearly fell asleep myself, I imagine him being all snuggled up prompts some sleepy time for him.

It has been very nice to be able to feed them. We are really feeling like we are easing into more of the parental duties between the baths, feeding, rocking, taking their temp, and changing diapers.

We were do happy to see that Anna and April were working in Bay 7 today. I brought in some bunny hats that I found at Babie R Us that are really cute. That and I brought in some outfits that a ffellow NICU mom gave us as a gift. We dressed them p and had a photo shoot. It was GREAT!!!! We got some fantasic pictres! I promise to post them later or in the morning. You've got to see them! Wow, what great nurses we have!!!!!!!!

17.1 length

16.9 length

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