Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday, April 14th

Well, today we found out that both Blake and Jenna each (though different) have a new change in their "protocol". Jenna is now having three bottle feeds a day. Although not consistent 100% of the time, she is learning to incorporate breathing in while she bottle feeds. This is definitely progress we like to see. Blake is doing well with his feeds, he just takes a bit of time. He does great incorporating all three needed skills. Since the decrease in cannula, he has been learning to adjust accordingly. His new change is that they are attempting to stop cannula use! He may be on "wall cannula" while bottle feeding if needed but he has been off of his cannula for a few hours now and is doing pretty well. Wow lil' ones, what progress!!!!

While I was there today, Jenna slept the entire time. Blake was awake all the way until just before I left. I fed him and rocked him until he finally seemed to get tired enough to nap. I placed him in bed and watched as he drifted to sleep. I just couldn't leave while he was still looking around.

We are getting pretty ansy about having them come home. The stronger and more prepared they get, the more anxious we are to have them home. We are working on getting things ready each day. Jason and I used to be such pack rats that it is taking some time to clear things out.

I forgot to mention...the other day one of the doctors came by to assess Blake and Jenna. He said that Jenna has an "older" attitude and that her attitude surpasses her neurological development/age-haha. He also said that Blake is pretty calm. So interesting seeing their personalites show.

We haven't gotten their weights tonight. Their length from Sunday is;
Jenna 15.5 inches
Blake 17 7/8 inches

Wow, really do look like newborns now (although they are over 3 months old!).

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