Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Report

Let's back up a bit.

Friday night Janice called while we were working on the babies' room to tell us that Blake had "found" his thumb. She got some great pics and video of him sucking on it. While his "big" sis slept, he was up and was very active. She put him in the bouncy chair so he could "play". She went for the camera that we left up there for the nurses to use so that she could video him but the batteries went dead. So she went yet another extra mile and took video with her phone. We are so thankful because we hate to miss seeing things that they do while we aren't there. Blake also went for his first "stroll". Janice took him around the unit to visit all of his (honorary) "aunties"(nurses that have card for him) . They couln't get over how big he has gotten and it was decided that he looks just like daddy. Jenna slept and was being watched by another nurse while Blake was on his outing. As soon as she gets off of cannula, she will get to take a stroll too.

They are doing well with their feeds and with nursing. Jenna is up to two breast feeds a day and Blake will soon be there too. They are taking ~58cc s every three hours with the bottle.

Jenna weighted in at 5lbs 2 ounces and Blake was 5lbs 4ounces.

CORRECTION (please see comments): I think the paint fumes are getting to me. Blake is
6lbs 4 oz and Jenna is 6lbs 2oz. Whew....growing like crazy.


Janice said...

ummmmmmmmmmmm silly mom, arent they at 6lbs 2oz and 6lbs 4oz?


Jason and Kim said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA-must be the paint fumes talking. You're right! They're growing like weeds....I mean beautiful flowers. ;)