Monday, April 27, 2009

Update: Length

Just called up to the NICU to get their length.

Jenna measured 18 1/2 inches long.
Blake was 19 1/8 inches.

It's amazing the transformation they've undergone.
From a 1lb 3oz 12" long scary lil thing, to a heavy 7lb 19" baby.

They were just wheeling Jenna out of the bay to go get her MRI done. They have to give her a sedative prior to the MRI so she can be perfectly still. When they get her to the MRI machine they have to secure her all snugg, so she doesn't move at all. Any movement and they'll have to redo the scan. I can only imagine what she must look like, and it's probably a good thing we can't see. Even though she won't be in any pain and will be sleeping through the whole thing, it's got to look pretty scary with her all strapped down.
We are just keeping our fingers crossed, hopin and prayin that they scan shows a healthy un-damaged brain. That would just make our day and remove a TON of worry. Cmon Jenna!!!!!

Many many thanks to all the people who came out for Kim's shower. When I got home, she was soooooo sooo happy. She said the shower went perfectly, and had a great time visiting with everyone. Very thankful for all the generous gifts as well.
A special thanks to Christine and my mom for organizing and running the shower. It was perfect.
Thanks to Adam, Wooly, & Mom for all the help getting the house in order and ready for company. We couldn't have done it without all the help.

We are truly fortunate to have the wonderful family and friends that we do.


Anonymous said...

Any new pictures?

Anonymous said...

We are also praying that Jenna
has no problems. She is sure a beautiful baby to have any problems. And we also have a very handsome Grandson. Very proud of our little miracle that God has given to you'll and the whole family.
We are looking forward to the years ahead of us to enjoy and spoil them when they come to Memaws and Papaws and then send them back home to Mama and Daddy.
Love Mom & Dad

Jason and Kim said...

Lots of new pics. They are coming. Now that the house is all settled in and ready for lil ones, we should have a little more time to update the blog as well as pictures.