Thursday, April 16, 2009

Comments, feel free to share. No.... Really, we enjoy reading your comments

The title says it all.

We pretty much live in a bubble as we spend just about every free minute at the hospital with the kids, or at the house getting things ready (never ending task).
Not having any free time, we haven't been able to keep in touch with our close friends, and family for that matter, soooooo your comments are greatly appreciated and give us an insight into your thoughts.

So please feel free to post a comment every once in a while. They are greatly appreciated and welcomed.

I've set it up to where you can comment anonymously, just add your name at the end of the comment if you wish. Completely anonymous comments are great too.

Many thanks to all our family and friends that have been sending prayers and positive thoughts our way. They have helped the twins and us get through this very difficult time in our lives.

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