Wednesday, April 1, 2009

WONDERFUL news Wednesday

Lastnight it was a little difficult to get to sleep, anticipating Blake and Jenna's follow up eye exam today. When I woke up this morning all I could think about was how I wish I could fast forward the morning. I prayed and prayed that we would receive good news.

I got to the hospital at 11:30 and started to rock Blake. Just when we got settled in Dr. Harper arrived. Up until then my anxiety was pretty much under wraps. I gave Blake a kiss and put him back in his bed so that he could get checked. Jason was on his way, he planned to be there for the exam. However, the surgeon got there a little quicker than we expected.

Jenna was examined first. Poor baby didn't like that her eyes had to be pried open, she cried a cry of "I don't like this!" which my interpretation was "mom, make it stop". However, she did not desat and she calmed down pretty quickly once it was over. Good, great news....Jenna's eyes look good! She had been released from Dr. Harper and will get rechecked by the opthalmologist in two weeks. Then, it was Blake's turn. He too did not like the prying open of the eyes and gave out the same cry. I just wanted to console him so badly. I needed to stay out of the way though so just talked to him a bit while he was being examined. Left eye still looks good. Then off to the right eye to check on that traction we have been so so frightened about. I was already losing the battle of kicking back the tears when I heard the good news about Jenna, then Blake's right eye. Dr. Harper turned to me and said that his the traction has regressed!!!!!!!!! The flood gates were really starting to budge then! Relief......grateful.......and happy, such a great combination to feel. Much nicer than fear, dread and anxiety. There has been such a huge weight lifted. I can not express how very grateful we are. There are no words. Blake will also be followed up by the same ophthalomologist in two weeks. He did have a bit of bleeding in his eye but I was assured that it would go away. I text'd Jason to let him know; although he was trying to get there asap, the surgeon was very thorough but very fast as well. Jason showed up about five minutes after he had left. I was holding Blake and patting Jenna. As I was doing this, I kept envisioning managing care for both Blake and Jenna at home during the times I will be with them on my own. I know I am going to learning many tricks of the trade when caring for both. I can't wait! Anyways, Jason came is with such a hurried yet relieved look. I gave him the update and then we spent some time rocking the babies. It is pretty quiet in bay 7 so it was nice being able to sit and rock and relax all together. I look forward to more moments like those.

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priyanka said...

Its indeed a great news for all of us(Blake and Jenna 's FAN).:)