Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Jenna has done it! She has hit another milestone, she longer requires the support of cannula. Now we can see her beautiful little face without any tubes or tape. It is so exiting for us to have both her and Blake off of all oxygen support. It seems once they grew to a certain size, they have been hitting milestones rather quickly. Guess being closer to their full term date will help do that. They will be 38 weeks(gestational age) on Thursday and a little over 14 weeks old.

Blake weighed in at 6pounds, 8 ounces.....6 1/2 pounds-wow! Jenna weighed in at 6 pounds 3 ounces. Jason and I are predicting we will be bringing home 7 pound (plus) babies. I can hardly remember 4 pounds. It seems we went from finally making it to three straight to five pounds. Sunday, Jenna measured 18 inches while Blake measured 18 1/4 inches.

Jenna is now on two nipple feeds (bottle or breast), gavage, two nipple feeds, gavage feeding schedule while Blake is on one nipple, one gavage rotating schedule. They are both doing well. Jenna has learned to pace herself nicely and rarely needs to be helped with pacing, especially while nursing. Blake is doing well. The doctors do not feel he is nippling well enough to bump up to two nursing feeds yet. However, I feel he does much better with breast feeding than bottle feeding. I understand though that they need to be able to keep track of the volume he is taking in. He is definitely a stronger "nurser" than bottle feeder. With the bottle, he does well but takes a bit more time as he is pretty cautious while feeding from the bottle.

Lastnight was bath night. Jenna seemed to enjoy it part of the time and tolerate it the other part. She has new peach fuzz....dark peach fuzz. I am glad to see her pretty black hair start to grow back. It was so shinny, full and soft when she was born. Although, she has to be one of the prettiest lil bald baby girls there is out there-haha. Blake's hair is getting fuller and longer. His is still light like his daddy's was when he was little. Blake enjoyed his bath and just lounged for most of it.

Jason and I keep trying to predict when they will be coming home. We aren't getting any real clues yet other than they need to be receiving all feeds via nipple (bottle and/or breast). We really hope and pray that they will be coming home together. to us, it seems they are almost equal in the feedings but am waiting for Blake to be bumped up. It would be so difficult to have one at the hospital and one at home. Visiting would prove to be very difficult. One of us would have to stay home while the other visits. With my breastfeeding them, I can imagine how much of a task managing that would become. However, I want them both 100% ready before making the move to their home.

I can't get over the fact that I am posting about our latest prediction....when they will be coming home. Wow, I am once again overwhelmed with a realm of emotions. Mostly of the excited and happy kind....a little nervous, but mostly happy. What a change! I pray that they continue to do well and that we are not faced with any unexpected bumps in the road. I can't wait to have them in my arms at home.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful!! What an awesome place to be... congratulations! =]

Anonymous said...

It's a great place to be right now, what with the babies this close to going home. As far as being one of the grandparents its
not soon enough to be able to just go and pick them up. But they have been in the best places we could ever dream of them being in
during these last few months.
We are so very thanful for all of the prayes and support that everyone has give our very precious little one and to their
Mom & Dad P.