Monday, April 13, 2009

The Twin's First Easter

I couldn't let Blake and Jenna's first Easter go by without having them get a picture with the Easter Bunny. So, since I couldn't take them to visit the Easter Bunny, we brought the Easter Bunny to them.

I brought in a stuffed animal rabbit in a basket and we got some good pics with it and the kids. It was pretty cute to see them sitting there together and with the "Easter Bunny". It made me think about the Easters to come and getting them Easter baskets for the Easter Bunny to fill and about coloring eggs, Easter Egg hunts and family get togethers. Wow, Easter will bring about a whole new realm of experiences for the Reid family. Jason and I usually help the cousins partake in the hunt, aiding them in finding the "prize eggs". Well, we love you cousins but it looks like we have a couple more kiddos to direct in the right direction next Easter too.

The pictures came out pretty cute. We put Blake and Jenna face to face yesterday for some pics. It seemed they knew each other so very well and it appeared to be first nature to them to be side by side. They are always together now that they have been in the same crib but to be hand to hand, it is pretty neat to see. At one time their hands were all intertwined and it was just too cute. We put on their new summer outfits from Aunt Donna and Uncle Scott. Their first pair of shorts proved to be a hit.

The kids made us a special Easter surprise, thanks to Janice for her help. They made us an adorable card with their foot prints in it. Wow, how they have grown! This card will definitely go into the baby book.

I brought them some Easter goodies. They got some new hats, socks and a pair of sheep slippers that they will share. That and a tiny Easter bunny....maybe you can see in some of the pics. Haha, yes.....needless to say mom really got into the Easter Bunny festivities. I can't let my babies miss out even if they are in the hospital.

I've posted new pics in the Easter folder. More will go up tonight. We haven't gotten their weights and measurements from lastnight yet so when I do I'll post them.

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