Thursday, January 22, 2009

1 Week Update

Dr. Su gave us some fantastic news today.

Her blood gases look very very good, so they are going to start reducing her O2 (currently at 35%) and ween her off the vent even further. He'd like to get them below 30% before they take her off the vent, and they anticipate doing that in the next 24hrs.
She's been taking her feeding very well, so they are going to up her milk from .5cc to 1cc.
Yesterday morning Jenna cracked open her right eye. At our mid day check in, Anna told us that she passed her first poopey! Ahhhhhh milestones. Didn't think I'd ever be sooo excited about poop. When we called in this morning Anna told us that she opened her other eye! Yea! Both eyes now open.

Blakes recovery from yesterdays surgery has been fantastic. Dr. Su said that he has recovered much better than most premies and that he's exceeded his expectations. He recieved Blakes blood gas report while we were talking and said they are perfect and that he hoped all results were this good.
One things premies have to deal with after the PDA surgery is the adjustment of the blood pressure and flow, and Blake has adjusted quite well. He'd like to give him another day of adjustment and rest before he starts increasing his feeding. But so far, he has been handling the feeding very well. He thinks that he should be able to increase his feeds tomorrow, but as with everything in the NICU, he's going to let Blake tell him how much he wants.

So, Dr. Su said that they made it through their first week (the most critical) very well and he was very very pleased with their progress. He cautioned that there are still going to be some up's and down's & setbacks, but all in all, he was very happy. Comming from Dr. Su, that is a wonderfull compliment and we couldn't be happier.
They are both strong kiddo's and are scrappers, but their progress is also due to the wonderfull care of the nurses and Dr.'s that are treating our babies like their own. They truely are amazing.

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