Saturday, January 24, 2009

Evening report

Just got off the evening check in call with the nurses.
Jenna is doing good. They are still dialing down her ventilator settings. Other than that she's doing good. Just resting up for her next big progress.

Blake is doing good as well. He's on the CPAP and doing great. They continue to reduce his 02, and all his vitals and tests are great. They increased his feeds to 1cc every 6hours.

All in all a pretty smooth day after they got lil Jenna settled in and comfortable.

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thenobregas said...

When I saw Blake the other day without his head gear, his head is shaped just like Jason's! That black hair (fuzz) could be from Kim's Italian heritage or from Grandma Waller's side (all of her brothers and sisters had coal black hair)
The Mimi