Monday, January 26, 2009

Still truckin along

Got a chance to go visit with the lil ones this morning.

Both of them have been behaving themselves for their nurses.
Blake has been doing great and they have upped his feeding and he's handling it well. Not really much to report as they've just been hanging out and eating. He's been off the ventilator and going good with that as well. His o2 has remained in the low 30%, which is pretty good.

Lil Jenna is doing good as well. She seems to be pretty comfortable on the ventilator and isn't quite ready to do all the work on her own. Dr. Dekowski is going to continue to wean her off the ventilator, but do it slowly and let Jenna tell him when she's ready to try breathing on her own. He's thinking another 24 or more hours. We are completely fine with that and want her to give it a shot when she's ready.
She's been handling her feeding very very well, and will most likely go up to 3.5cc every 3 hours.

So.... pretty much same ole same ole for right now, which is good enough for us. We are happy to have "un-eventful" days like these.

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thenobregas said...

J&K there must be hundreds praying for you and the babes, they are on so many prayer lists and the word has gone out to friends of friends. Miracles do happen and we pray that Jenna and Blake are one of them!
Love to you all
Mom (Mimi)