Thursday, January 29, 2009

26 Weeks!!!

Today the twins are 26 Weeks old!

The first two weeks of their lives have been CRAZY and unpredictable. Hopefully as more time passes things will settle down, but we can't really expect that. We can hope though!

They are doing pretty good today. Blake's O2 is down a little bit more to around 26% & he's doing pretty good on his feedings. Every now and again, he isn't ready to digest one, so they just give him a little break and try at the next meal time.
Jenna is doing good as well. Her O2 is a bit higher in the mid 30's but that's not too unusual as she makes the adjustment to CPAP. The most important thing is that she's on CPAP and breathing on her own. She's feeding very very well and they expect to bump her up even more to 6.5cc every 3hrs.

So, all in all, it was a rather uneventful night and pretty much the same this morning. I like those reports. NO DRAMA is a good thing.


Erin and Cullen Mills said...

Kim and Jason, Blake and Jenna -

Hello there! Erin (Stafford) Mills here. Courtney's sister. She shared the good news with me about your TWO little miracles. Curt sent me to the blog. I am having such a wonderful time raeding about Blake and Jenna. Hope you two are doing great. Looking forward to seeing you two, and meeting the babies!

Shelby Nicole said...

Happy 2 week birthday Blake and Jenna! I love you!

Jason and Kim said...

Erin~Great to hear from you! We would love for you to meet the babies. Maybe we can meet up next week or something.

Shelby~The babies say thank you for the bday wishes. We all love you guys!