Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just got back from the hospital

J and I just got back from spending time with Blake and Jenna. We spoke to Dr. Su, their primary, who had a couple days off. I am going to let J provide you all with details, he has such a knack for explaining things and putting things into prospective.

I got to help Julie, Jenna's night nurse for tonight, change Jenna's bedding as well as change her diaper. Jenna actually opened her eyes pretty wide for me tonight. It was for a short amount of time but I loved every second of it. Once we got her bedding changed, Julie got her all snuggled up tight. Snuggled up like a bug in a rug is exactly what she appeared to be. She has gone up on her feeds again! Like I said before, I think she likes to eat just like mom. Once she is up 6 more CCs, she will go on milk only diet, no more IV fluids which is a great milestone. Yay Jenna!! The milestone we are focusing on now for Jenna is for her to further stabilize on the CPAP. The next 24 hours or so will tell if she will remain on the CPAP. Her next head scan is in the morning. Please help us pray that it shows either the same or better yet that some of the bleeding has been absorbed. It may be a little early to show a big difference.

Blake is continuing to do so well since his surgery. His settings on CPAP are looking great and he continues to show how strong he is. When we got there, Janis (Blake's night nurse for tonight) had just given him a "bath". She just finished weighing him and doing the assessments so decided to let him stretch out a bit before bothering him with snuggling him back in his bedding boundaries. He looked real comfortable. He was on his back with his arms all stretched above his head and legs spread out too. His little round belly was such a joy to see! I love ALL the little baby fat we can get. He barely cracked open one of his eyes for a short amount of time. I am looking forward to seeing his eyes open. I haven't seen that yet. He is doing okay with his feeds, he is at 6 CCs. He was given an antacid to hopefully help him handle his feeds a little better. He had some old bloody residuals (left over from before his surgery) that may be interferring with digestion. They have been able to increase his feeds pretty steadily though. His next milestone is to increase his feeds more. Blake's hands are really pretty big. I took some close up pics this AM of his hands. He (and Jenna both) likes to grip and hold onto things. There is always a wire or tube readily available for their long fingers to wrap abound and grab hold of. I will post the new pics...take a look at those hands!!

Just wanted to mention that I nominate Jason for "father and husband of the year". ;) I know it's only mid January and the new year has just begun but I couldn't ask for a better partner to help me stay strong through the ups and downs and great joys of our newly found responsibilities of parenthood.

Oh, tonight, both babies weighed in at 1lb 9oz.

Thanks for keeping up with our progress and keeping us in your prayers. As you can see, I can get a bit long winded. I tend to "journal" when I hop on the blog. It is great knowing that we have so much support. We are on so many prayer groups all over the US actually. We even have made it as far as South Africa!!! How wonderful!!!!!!!!

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Marcia said...

Kim, I love the long wind, much better than the short to the point version. Keep it up!!