Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Just talked to Anna.
She said that Jenna has been doing great after coming off the ventilator. They've been dialing down her O2 and she has been doing great.
She's up to 6cc's on her feeding and handling it perfectly.

Blake has been doing good as well. After his PDA surgery he's just been steadily improving. He's up to 3cc's on his feeds.
He had a couple sleep apnea's today, but that's expected in little ones.

So, pretty much just a smooth day so far.

Now that they have been consistently stable, they are no longer on 24hr 1 on 1 care. Now it'll be two babies to a nurse, and tonight Janice is going to be watching over them. Janice is great, and has watched Blake several times. She was the nurse that was watching him the night before he had his lung trouble. That night, she had noticed that something just wasn't right with him and she let the next shift Dr., and nurse know that something was up and to keep an eye on him.
These nurses are awesome. They really put everything into taking care of these lil ones!

Tomorrow they will be at 26 weeks..... or two weeks old..... or negative 14 weeks. However you want to look at it. ;)

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