Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A good Wednesday

Talked to the nurses a little bit ago.

As reported earlier; we've been working toward getting Jenna off the ventilator for the last several days. The longer she's on the vent, the greater the chances for lung damage. Sooooo, they've been weaning her off the vent for several days. Today was the big day that they felt she was in a good position to handle the responsibility of breathing on her own. At 9am this morning, they removed her from the vent and put her on CPAP (slight positive pressure, but she's doing the work). Since then she's been handling things wonderfully and didn't have any complications or problems.
Her feeding is going great, and all her vital stats are good. So, all in all a great day for Jenna so far.

Blake is just chuggin along. His stats have been really good, and they are increasing his feeds, so he's doing good as well.

Way to go kiddo's! Keep up the good work.

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