Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Better Understanding

We spoke to the doctor again and gained some clarification. Jenna did have some ventricular bleeding on both sides of her brain. The head sono from this morning was about the same so they are fairly confident that there is no additional bleeding and that it has stopped. They will be doing sonograms every three days or so. We will be praying that the blood is being absorbed. We were told that this is a very very slow process. A preemie's head is very pliable because the bones aren't yet fused so there is a a certain amount of flexibility there. We are hoping that because of this, Jenna' body has handled the bleeding and fluctuations that have occured in her brain. The only thing we can do is to take things one day at a time and time will tell how this set back has effected her. She is doing very well with her feedings right now. She is up to 5cc/3hours! We were told that at 28 weeks (they are at 25 1/2 weeks now), they will start packing on the pounds.....err....ounces in this case...haha. They continue to work towards getting her off of the vent and on CPAP. She sure is wearing a cute little hat today. Jason, her nurse Anna, and I think it is very fitting of her personality-haha. Check out the latest pics.

Blake is having a real good day. They have dialed back the CPAP support and he is handling it very well so far. In other words, he is relying less on the positive pressure being placed on his lungs to aid in breathing and is doing more of the work himself-such a big boy! Oh-and even more excitement-he is chomping on a pacifier!!! Yes, he has a itty pacifier that one of his nurses offered him because he kept chewing on his tubes. He really seems to be liking it! Granted, his little mouth only takes in the tip on it but he can often times be found with it either resting in his mouth or chomping away at it. Yesterday, it was so cute, he had his little fist tucked into the inside of the pacifier while he was just going to town gnawing at the tip. This has surprised some of his nurses. It isn't that common to find little bittys this young doing this so early. I think he is going to really like eating-like his mom. I jokingly call him "chompers" now. We noticed today that Blake has some interesting hair coloring. On parts of his head it is jet black and on others, like near his forehead and near his neck, it is blonde!!! Jason said the front of his hair looked a little spiked at one time when he had his OVERSIZED "shades" on-haha. I keep saying that I am going to come up with some micro preemie sunshades. They do their best to modify eye shades/protection to fit their little eyes but even with their best attempts the "shades" just take over and cover their little faces.

I think back at my first glance at their tiny, fragile, partially transparent bodies and look at them now and am amazed at how much they already have changed. Their skin is looking so good and you can no longer see each rib as clearly. They actually have little round tummies now. They are just so darn cute. I just love sitting there staring at them. Can't wait til we can hold them. Once they get off of the vent and become a bit more stable, we will get some "kangaroo" time in. This is where we get to hold them and have them rest on our chests.

The support we have received from our family, friends, and new found friends has been amazing. We have been placed on numerous prayer lists, have had many calls, emails, and visits, flowers, we have had many visitors, help with preparing the house, and help with meals. Jason's mother and our friends at Hope Presbyterian Church put together a wonderful food and meal drive for us. This has been extremely helpful. We received a great deal of needed groceries and prepared meals. Preparing meals and going grocery shopping is something that has been put down at the end of the 'to do" list beings that we are at the hospital for most of the day. Having this wonderful group of thoughtful and caring people do this for us is such a gift!!!! Thank you all for helping us by sharing a kind word, helping hand and/or including us in your prayers. We are truly blessed to have you all!

Speaking of...time for dinner. We will post another update soon.

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