Monday, January 26, 2009

We could use some prayers right about now......

Hi family and friends~

Jason just spoke to Dr. Dakowski and received a report on Jenna. She had a head sonogram this AM and he was calling with the results. He noted a bit of bleeding on her brain. He is unsure as to the cause and is a bit surprised that it has happened at this stage. She is no longer in the time frame that he would've expected this to possibly happen. While it isn't a minimal amount, it is not a large amount either. It is too soon to know the effects, if any, this will or has caused. He feels rather confident that they have seen the extent of the bleeding but will continue to monitor. Please join us in praying that the bleeding has in fact stopped and that there are no negative effects that come up due to this bleeding.

She is maintaining the same as far as o2 and feedings and such which we are happy about. They are still considering dialing her 02 settings down and feeling it out on if she is ready to get off of vent and back on CPAP. this won't be done for at least 24 hours though and after we get the next head sono results.

Blake is doing well and has had a good day so far.

Thank you all for your continuous prayers!!!!!

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