Sunday, January 25, 2009

Smooth Sailing Sunday so far...

Jenna is doing well, still on CPAP. She has been feeding well with 3cc/3hrs with no residuals until this last feeding (which can be expected). When we visited earlier she rested peacefully the whole two hours we were there. They just turned her on her tummy, which she seems to like so well.

Blake is also having a good day. He is being fed 1.5cc/3hrs with only residuals at this last feeding as well. Blake, like sis, is really enjoying when he rests on his belly.

K, I think Blake has daddy's ears and Jenna's ears are like mine. They already look so much better from last week...especially their skin. And even though they are still so very tiny, they don't look quite as scrawny as last week. Can't wait til they are at 2 lbs!!!

Thank you all for your continuous prayers. All four of us are finding strength in your support.

Love to all~
Kim, Jason, Jenna & Blake

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Lynnbie said...

I am so glad to hear this wonderful news. I have you guys on all the prayer lists, chains, groups that I could think of. Thank you for the blog! This is an AWESOME way to keep us all informed and your attention where it needs to be.

We love you ~

Lynn, David and Nannie