Thursday, January 22, 2009


Today we made it to WEEK 25!!! A great milestone!

Jason updated on Blake's recovery. We are so proud of our little guy for handling surgery so very well. We are excited to see that his right eye is trying to open. It is cracked open a bit and is so darn cute!

Jenna is getting a central IV line placed in right now. The line going into her tummy/umbilical cord has been used for the max amount of days. both of her eyes are cracked open so she does not look quite like a pirate today-haha. I saw her right pupil today. Can't be more excited.

We are grateful for another stable day and pray for continuous strength and growth.


Donna Beeler said...

Yeah one week old! So glad you are growing bigger and stronger Blake and Jenna. Aunt Donna and Uncle Scott send you tons of love!
J & K thanks for starting this blog, it will help us keep up with you without wearing you out. Hope you all have a good night.

Jason and Kim said...

Yes, the blog has come in real handy. Thank you for checking up on us sis! Don't let the blog keep you from calling. ;) We love you guys!!