Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday AM Report

Blake is doing well, taking to the feedings. His blood gases were stable and looking good throughout the night so they were able to cut back on the oscillator (ventilator) a bit. We are praying that he continues to move in the right direction. The doctors want to continue to wean him off of the oscillator as soon as possible. Lindsey, his nurse until 7pm, says he isn't as swollen as he was earlier. The swelling was due to surgery. He has lost 10grams but she says that was due to the swelling going down.

Jenna is doing well this morning as well. She had a good night. Her sugars were a bit high so they did some adjusting to her IV fluids to help her regulate them. This is not uncommon in preemies. She is resting on her tummy and enjoying it.

We plan to go to visit in a bit. Will update more as the day continues.

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