Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Report

Just got back from visiting the babies. Here's the latest......

She has gone up on her feedings again, she is up to 11CCs. Her vent settings (O2) has gone down to about 37%, which we are very happy about. Tonight I (Kim) witnessed her little foot getting pricked for a a blood gas check (blood work). Poor little thing cried, turned red and was just not happy. I almost walked away cause I couldn't stand seeing her in pain but instead I tried to comfort her with my voice and by holding her tiny hand. I was so happy to see that she calmed down a tad bit when I started talking to her but she continued to cry and wiggle until it was all over. My poor little baby girl...think mommie was about to shed some tears too. She has to have this done twice a day right now but Anna said it will soon be once a day. So...Jenna has had a good day. Great progress pretty baby girl!!

Blake is going up on his feeds little by little. And all in all, things are the same for him which is great. An uneventful day is a great day really. I did get to see both of his eyes open tonight and look around-this is a first for me. I loved it!!! I started talking to him while he was looking around, he then just looked straight ahead in my direction. I love seeing them respond to our voices. What a blessing!

Can't wait to see them again in the morning. We got a few new pics. Will post tomorrow.

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