Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hello to all~

Just checked in on the kiddos. They had stopped Blake's feedings later yesterday due to some residuals. They did a tummy sono this AM and said it looked "pretty good" and may start him back on feedings this afternoon. His o2 is still looking pretty good. He had a good night and is doing well. Not sure what he weighed at last night...will ask when we get there this AM.

Jenna gained 15 grams yesterday/last night!!! She is now at 1lb 11oz!! YAY Jenna!! Closer and closer to 2lbs!!! Jason and I were hit pretty hard last night with the news of her brain bleeds. We will speaking to the doctor when we get to the hospital, as it seems we are getting two different prognosis. We were told last night that Jenna in fact has grade 3 bleeds on BOTH sides of her brain. She received another head sono this AM to check for continued bleeding. The preliminary appears to be the same. The final will come back later today. Please, please, please let the bleeding have stopped.

So many emotions............questions..............uncertainty..............cocnerns.

However, we are extremely hopeful and optimistic. Our little girl has already shown us how strong she is and was deemed "feisty" and "spunky" the first day she was born. The way we look at it, she is a real fighter. The power of positive thinking and prayer, I believe, can sometimes be the best healer. Thank you all for your continued prayers. We can really use the support.

We are going to head up to the hospital shortly. Once we get some clarification, we will pass it on to you.

~Kim, Jason, Blake and Jenna

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