Saturday, January 24, 2009

January 24th, 2009

Jason is on his way to visit the babies now. We called early this morning at 5 and then at 7 and again at 9 for updates.

Blake is doing great on the CPAP. We can't be more pleased that he is off of the ventilator and is breathing fine on his own. After a bit of sleep apnea last night and being put on some medication to help regulate, he has done very well. His blood O2 levels are looking good. He is also still taking to the feedings well. That's our boy!! He weighed in last night at 1 lb 7 ounces, What he did lose was due to much of the swelling going down that he had from surgery. So, all in all he has gained 4 ounces since birth. His right eye is still trying to open wider.

Jenna was a little "sassy pants" last night and actually pulled her airway out by squirming around so much. They tried to just place her on CPAP rather than vent afterwards but her blood ox levels were not looking good so they decided to intubate her again. She has done well since. Hopefully she will be taken off of the ventilator in the next day or so. Jenna is now 1 lb 9 oz-5 ounces bigger since birth. Both eyes are cracked open.

I am battling a cold and a congested cough so have made the VERY HARD decision not to go visit my babies right now til it goes away. They are just so acceptable to germs and infection that I don't want to take any chances. Jason has been visiting and taking lots of pics for me. I can't wait to see them again. I wonder if they will have their eyes open wider by the time I get to see them again.


Shelby Nicole said...

Im so excited the babies are doing so well! I love yall and miss yall. Hopefully I will get to come see you soon! keep up the good work Jenna and Blake and hope you feel better Auntie M

Jason and Kim said...

Yes, we are too. I am starting to feel better, thanks! Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon. I am going to call and check on B & lil' J after the nurse shift change. Will post an update tonight. Love u guys!!

Lynnbie said...

I hope you are feeling better, Kim. There is some junk going around. Nannie and I are just getting over it and trying to stay away from anyone who may have it! It's hard.