Sunday, February 1, 2009

What a Memorable Day!!!

Yes, quite a memorable day......

While Jason and I were hanging out at home this AM, the phone rings and Jason answers in a way that I have come to recognize well. It's the "the doctor or nurse is on the line" kind of hello. I immediately had knots in my stomach. Although we have received calls from the NICU that have brought good news, I haven't gotten past the immediate feeling of dread and fear that they are calling to discuss a new "situation". However, Anna was on the line giving Jason some good news. She said that Dr. Dakowski told her that he thought it was a good time for me to have some "kangaroo time" with Jenna! Sixteen days after giving birth, I would FINALLY get to hold one of my babies. Up until today, we have only had the opportunity to change diapers, check their temperature and place our hand on our babies' little bodies. But today, I finally got to hold my baby girl. I had the fantastic experience of just being mom holding her baby. When Anna took her from her isolette to place her on my chest, it was quite the production. With all of the monitors, the CPAP, and the IV line, there was quite the preparation involved with moving her a mere two feet from her bed to my chest. As Anna removed her from her bed, Jenna gave out some whimpers and cries for some time, even when she was on my chest she continued to cry for a bit. Once she and her montage of monitors were carefully placed just so, she calmly settled in and stopped crying. Besides finding my soul mate, I don't think I have ever felt anything more wonderful. I can only imagine the feeling I will experience when I am able to hold both babies..... at home with Jason.

Our kangaroo time lasted about 20 minutes. We were told that the duration of the kangaroo time would be determined by how she handles being out of her isolette and moved around a bit as well as if she remained warm enough. She handled it beautifully. Her stats remained on target and her heart rate was steady. As I sit here, back at home a few hours later, I am overwhelmed with feelings. I am so very proud of my strong babies, they have already overcome so much and continue to amaze us. I am excited with thoughts of my next kangaroo visit with Jenna and just as anxious to hold my little boy. Jason and I will be taking turns so I am looking forward to tomorrow evening's visit when Jason will be holding Jenna. You can bet I will be armed with camera and tears!!! We are so truly blessed to have our precious miracle babies.

As soon as Blake's apnea spells decrease a bit, we will get to hold him. He just gets into such a deep, comfortable sleep that he "forgets" to breath. Many times, he recovers on his own and at others, he needs to be nudged. April, his day nurse today, reports that she "gave him a talking to" to encourage him and let him know what is in store once he knocks some of that off-haha! We are so anxious for that day.

So, Jenna is on 13CCs every 3 hours and Blake is on 3.5CCs every hour! You go guys!!! We may just have to have a "2 pounder party" soon. Imagine that, celebrating when our babies weigh 2lbs!

So, all in all, a FANTASTIC day!

Jenna will have another head scan tomorrow so we continue to pray that it too will show some reduction in the swelling and no blood clots. We also continue to pray that Blake's apnea spells reduce and that both he and his sister continue to grow stronger and healthier each day.


Shelby Nicole said...

oh my gosh I am so excited for yall!! That had to be the best thing ever! Just reading this brang tears to my eyes. Way to go Jenna! and keep up the good work Blake!

Janice Adams said...

Kim, I am so so happy for you!!!! I can only imagine the thrill you felt. I cant wait for you to be able to hold Blake!! See you tomorrow!!!

Anna said...

Kim & Jason,
I knew, I just knew that Jenna "Lou" would do great with kangaroo care with her mama the first time! Blake's kangaroo time will come soon, don't worry....he's already super jealous of his sassy sister:) See y'all on Wednesday!!

Bethany said...

So awesome! I am so happy that you were able to hold Jenna- Blake will get jealous and will want to be held very soon! :)