Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back Together Again

Jason and I were pleasantly surprised when we got to the hospital today. Jenna and Blake have played "musical beds" and are in the same crib again. Janice took some extra measures lastnight and bundled the kiddos up real well to help keep them warm and prepare them for a 2nd try at "co-cribbing". With the help of some of the other great nurses that were on today, Anna made some adjustments and moved Blake and Jenna into the crib again. She bundled them all up under a few layers of blankets and "fixed" a drafty air vent that is near their crib. Keep your fingers crossed....we are hoping they get to stay together for the rest of their NICU stay. We can't wait to see them interact with one another! It is so wonderful seeing them together.

MeMaw and PawPaw visited them today, This is the first time that they have seen them without CPAP. Blake and Jenna were both sleeping for the first half of our visit. PawPaw started talking to Jenna and she started looking around and smiled. Blake had to peek and see what was going on too. They said it was a lot of fun to watch.

Lastnight's visit was a lot of fun!! As we mentioned, it was bath night and Janice had offered to wait til we got there so that we could bathe them. They both had their first tub bath!! I bathed Jenna. I don't think she quite knew what to think about being halfway submerged in water. She seemed to be pretty relaxed for the most part though except for at one point she gave a little cry. Then once she was all clean, she decided it was time to go "potty". Good thing we had plenty of soap and warm water. She looked so cute sitting in the tub!

Then it was time for Blake's bath. Daddy almost passed on doing the honors but decided to go for it anyway. Turns out, he had a great time and was so glad he did. Blake had a pondering-like look on his face for most of his bath. He didn't cry and seemed to be enjoying it just fine. In fact there was one point where he was arching his back just enough to be laid back as if he were hanging out in a hot tub.

Having the privilege to do things while in the NICU that moms and dads do at home with their babies really really helps us. Jason and I know that one day, once we are at home, there will be a time that it seems like all we ever do is change diapers and give bath after bath but I can tell you that for now, it is the highlight of the week. (Ok, maybe not the changing of diapers as much as the bathing and holding).

Can't wait to see the cuties again!

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