Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Tuesday Surprise

Hello folks.... It's been a while since I've posted, but fear not..... I have not forsaken our loyal friends and family.

As Kim posted yesterday, Jenna has been doing soo good with her breathing and maintaining her temperature that Anna said she can be held twice a day.
While I was talking to Anna & April this morning, I asked if Blake has been doing well enough to get an extra field trip as well. Her answer was yes.... Sooooo here comes the surprise. The nurses have mentioned holding both of them at the same time, so I asked if April and Anna would surprise Kim this morning and bring one out, then just bring the other out and surprise her. They thought that was a great idea and told me they'd take lots of pics for me. Those nurses are simply amazing. We could not have survived this ordeal nearly as well without their help and care.
So, right about now Kim should be holding both our little bundles of joy! Can't wait to see the pics and share them with y'all.

So, yesterday Dr. Su was back on shift for the first time in 11 DAYS!!!!! He was at a Medical conference keeping his mad ninja skills honed to razor sharp perfection. He was kind enough to take the time to call and give me a complete run down on the twins and talk about what he sees going on in the next couple weeks.
He started off telling me how very very happy he was with their growth and health progress while he was away. We can notice a different in their growth day by day, so 11 days must have been a huge change.
Anyway....Both have been doing fantastic and he couldn't be happier. We are almost at 32wks, so it's time to start gearing up to move off CPAP airway and onto Canula. Canula doesn't really deliver breaths of air, but a gentle positive pressure to assist their normal breathing. They can also add O2 for a little extra assistance. The other big change is to move them from a constant feed of milk directly to their intestines and onto Boelus feeding. That's where they get their feed at one time instead of a constant trickle over 3hrs. The challenge is that the stomach and guts have to deal with a large dose of milk at once. It also takes energy to process that milk, which takes energy away from breathing. As always, they are going to let the kids tell them what they are ready for and move them along at their own pace. But, regardless, these are huge changes that will determine how fast they progress in the near future. We are very excited & anxious to see how things go.

Well.... I'm at work, and drawing a blank on some of the other important things Dr. Su told me, so I'll update this post with additional info later today. I'm sure Kim will also post some pics of her holding both kids when she gets home.

Kim here....what a day!! Here are the pictures of one of my favorite days of being mommy. Okay, probably THE favorite so far. I'll post later, I'm on my way back to the hospital.

The new pictures are in the March folder.


Donna Beeler said...

You look great holding those two babies! Your hands will always be full now!

I Love you sis!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING im so happy for you!! you look great!

Anonymous said...

The babies are starting to look so healthy! I am so happy that you get to play dress up now. =]

Victoria said...

At last! You holding both precious gifts! Truly Gods miracle! I am at a lost for words! Congratulations to both of you! The Hines Family.

Jason and Kim said...

Thanks for all the well wishes and congrats.
Words can not explain how happy Kim was ALL day yesterday. She just had a giddy lil smile the entire day.