Sunday, March 22, 2009

Early Morning Report

Since we didn't update yesterday, let me back track a bit.

When we returned to the hospital yesterday, we were both really hoping to see Blake move around and be awake. We were happy to see that when we started talking to him he tried his best to open his swollen eyelids. We were told before arriving that he had woken up and was pretty active. Jason was on one side of his bed and I was on the other. We both held his hands and he gripped them tightly as he looked from his daddy to his mommy. We sat and assured him that we were there and to take it easy, he didn't need to try and look at us right now but needed to rest. He continued to look back ad forth for a bit and then got sleepy and began to fight sleep.

It was so nice to see him extabated and back on the CPAP. Even better, he was on 21% and doing well. These settings were better than what they were prior to surgery. What an amazing little boy! He and Jenna are our little heroes no doubt. They are teaching us what strength is all about. We stayed for a few hours. While we were there, he remained pretty active for some time. He moved his arms and legs and would give out a little grunt from time to time. I held Jenna kangaroo for a while. It was real nice. She really did well and slept very deeply, so much so she drooled on me-haha. One of many times to come I'm sure. I got to dress her in a really cute outfit that her "aunt" Bethany sent us. I'll try and get the pics up later today. It fit her perfectly!

Our second visit yesterday was a very late one. During the visit, I held Jenna again. Rhonda was watching both her and Blake lastnight. She said that Jenna really enjoyed her bath. This was good to hear, in the past she did okay during her bath but would destat on occasion. Not this time. Guess before I know it, she'll be asking me for bubble baths! HA! Well, she did it! She hit the 4lb mark! Way to go Jenna! Still doing well on CPAP and is breathing at room air. She is also maintaining a good temperature so it looks like she will be moving to a crib soon. Hopefully into the crib with Blake whenever he is ready for his old roommate to join him. Rhonda said that he did very well during his bath as well. His neck is looking a lot better now. He was breathing at room air as well. He had had some bradies though and while we were there he had several more. Rhonda was keeping a good eye on him and felt that he was probably just tired, that he was not acting sick. When we left, we were a bit nervous about the bradies but felt better when Rhonda told us she would keep close tabs on the situation. Earlier, I asked her if she felt he was experiencing any discomfort and pain. She assured me that he was not acting as if he were in any pain but that he may be a little hungry. Although he is receiving nutrition, it isn't going to his tummy so he may notice a bit of the "munchies". That and he was not crying. Blake weighed in at 4lbs 4 ounces! When we got there lastnight, he was laying on his belly with his legs tucked in under him and his behind in the air. He looked so cute! He really is starting to look like a newborn now rather than a micropreemie or even a preemie. Jenna is looking really good too.

Jason called to check on them this AM. Carol reported that both had a good night. Blake had only one brady after we left. We are going up there in a bit. When Jason spoke to the doctor yesterday, she said that Blake really seems to be ready for cannula. Our guess is that he will be put on cannula today. I can't wait to see his precious face! Looking forward to spending time with my babies! Til then.....

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