Friday, March 27, 2009

Just Like Daddy

Well, my suspicions were confirmed yesterday. Blake is a spitting image of Jason.

When Anna called yesterday to tell me Blake was being taken off of CPAP, it was such a wonderful surprise. What a range if emotions we've experienced in the last week! Like Jason mentioned, we weren't expecting it to happen for a few more days. Seems like Blake feels much better now that he has had a few days recovery after surgery and proved that he continued to be ready for the big switch over. He is doing VERY well. he seems to be very comfortable and quite vocal too. Not crying, just a little "eeh" here and there mixed with a little groan from time to time.

I couldn't wait to get to the hospital to see my little boy's precious face for the first time in it's entirety. When I walked into the hospital, I found myself walking pretty quickly as I thought about how exciting it was. I caught myself and slowed down thinking how much of a crazy woman I would appear if I began sprinting into the NICU. I didn't even take time to put my bag down once I got to the bay but went straight over to their crib. Overwhelmed, once again, except this time it was with great joy rather than great fear. I couldn't get over how much he looks like Jason. He has the cutest button nose and most curious little looks when he looks around. His cheeks are more than ready for some baby fat, haha. It is so wonderful to be able to look at my babies and not wish I could really see them due to tape and tubes. I can see their precious faces clearly now and I am head over heals all over again.

We had a great visit with them lastnight and couldn't keep our eyes off of them. Blake got his infamous hiccups again so that was pretty entertaining. He seems to get ticked off after a while and held his breath. Funny thing, they stopped after that. Jenna was very alert when I started holding her lastnight. She spent some time looking around and sucking on my pinky.

Tonight is bath night. Janice told us lastnight that she would hold off til we get there for baths. We are so lucky to have such great nurses that help to keep us involved. They all know that we are really enjoying as much parental duty time as possible. Janice called to tell us that she videoed Blake lastnight with our camera. She was changing Jenna when she heard this loud "smacking" sound. She looked over and Blake was smacking and sucking on his tubes, so she dropped his passie in. Quote: "He was Going To Town on that passie". So loud that one of the nurses working next to them could hear it. Soooo she had to get us some video. Can't wait to see it.

We are going out to dinner with some friends tonight so will visit the babies late. Guess they'll be getting a midnight bath. All the better to sleep well afterwards though!

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