Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday morning update

The twins have been doing good and behaving lately.
Jenna didn't have any A&B's last night. Her O2 has been around 26%. Dr. Kansas just visited her and decided to increase her feeds to 6.5cc per hour. Few more CC's and she'll be back on 100% milk and no longer need her IV.

April had stepped out, so I didn't get all his info, but Anna said he's been doing great. No A&B's while she's been there. Although he probably had a couple during the night.
He's on 11.5cc per hour & will most likely go up to 12 today.

Both of them must be taking a lil break from growing as they've been holding their weight steady for the past couple days.
Jenna = 3lb 3oz
Blake = 3lb 5oz

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