Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reunion pics

Mommy and daddy are tickled pink!!

I can't tell you how excited we are to have our babies together again. One thing we've wanted for them for so long, was for them to be side by side, like they were suppossed to be for 4 more months. I know that sometimes the NICU has been very scary for them, being away from mommy and daddy and most of all missing one another. Today we dressed them in their "formal" party attire-Jenna in her "little black dress" and matching hat, and Blake in his "tux", all for the special occasion.

Blake slept through much of the production, although he did try to crack open an eye from time to time. I know he senses her next to him though, he was very comfortable and satting well. Jenna was awake and looking around a lot. Anna faced them looking at one another and I swear Jenna couldn't keep her eyes off of her brother, she was so happy. ;o)

Daddy took video the whole time while I stood in disbelief that the day has finally come for them to be together again.

I've posted some pics. Here they are....

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