Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kim and I got to spend lots of time with the kids yesterday.
We both held when we got there at 4:30 yesterday. My folks just got back in town from a week vacation, so they stopped by to see them as well. Unfortunately things were busy over at the neighbors, so April mentioned that the Dr's may ask them to leave pretty soon because it was getting crowded. NICU rules are that they only allow two visitors per family at any given time. There are times that that rule can be bent a bit, but that is generally when it's really quiet and not much is going on. Yesterday was not one of those days. But, they were glad to see the twins, even if it was only for a few min. They both said that they grew quite a bit while they were gone.

Jenna has been doing great. She's just been truckin along with her feeding & growing. She's at 4lb 3oz, 16.1 inches long. She's been comfortable and happy on 22-24% O2. She's on 13.5cc per hour feeds.
She's ready to move from her incubator to a real crib. Anna said that she'd wait until Kim goes up there so Kim can help and witness her lil girl moving into her new digs. They are going to wait until after Blake gets his next eye exam (sometime tomorrow) before they put them together. They figure they may as well leave Blake where he is, just incase the eye exam shows that he needs a follow up surgery. We are certainly hoping that he doesn't need another one.

Blake has been doing much better. Now that he's been getting close to his normal amount of milk, he's calmed down quite a bit. His eye's are still irritated by the drops they have to put in, but it's a necessary evil that we'll all just have to deal with. Anything to make his eyes better.
He weighed in at 4lb 7oz and measured 16.3 inches long.
The other day (Sun) he was having a few more A's & B's than they wanted to see, so they put him back on a rate of 20. This was a bit of a set back, but hopefully it'll give him the time and rest he needs to come back even stronger than before. He's been on 21% O2 the whole time. He's currently on 25cc's of bolus feed. He had a couple brady's after his 4am feed, so Anna decided to do his bolus feeds over a 30min period vs. all at once. Since then he hasn't had any brady's and he hasn't had any residual from his feeds.
Anna said that he's been much less fussy today. The nurses were most likely correct in that the bulk of his fussiness was caused by hunger. Now that he's up on his feeding, he seems to sleep longer and better, and isn't quite as irritable.

Tomorrow should be a pretty big day. The speech & occupational therapists are scheduled to come by and asses the kids. Not sure what time, but the eye surgeon is also going to come back and check both of their eyes. We really want to be there while the ST & OT's see them so we can learn what exercises the twins need to assist with their development. Obviously we are way way anxious to find out how Blake's eye surgery went, as well as to ensure that Jenna's grade 1, did not progress. We'd hate to have Jenna go through a similar ordeal with her eyes.

We'll it's back to work time.
Have a good day.

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