Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A rainy Wed

Good morning all.....

While I was stuck in crawling traffic on my way into work, I called to check on the kids.

I got to talk to April and she informed me that the twins did great during the night.
They both gained 3oz yesterday!
Jenna is now 3lb 9oz, & Blake is 3lb 12oz! They are closing in on the 4lb mark. Developmentally, the 2kilo (4.4lb) is a big milestone in their health and stability. So we are certainly looking forward to hitting that.

Jenna continues to do fantastic with her breathing. She's usually in the mid to hi 20's on her O's (oxygen or O2), which is pretty darn good. Blake has been pretty much the same on his O's.
Blake hasn't had any Apnea since the 8th!

It's truly amazing to the the changes that are happening right before our eyes.

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