Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday March 6

Today went by pretty fast. I had to go to Walmart for a few things today and I can definitely say today's shopping trip to "Wally" was a lot different than my usual trip. Usually, I dread setting foot in there. I don't like grocery shopping and I don't care for doing it at a place where everyone and their sister's neighbor's friend is shopping with their 4 kids. Let's face it though, the convenience SOMEHOW outweighs the annoyance of dealing with the usual Walmart crowd (sometimes). However, I strolled through the baby clothes today and was pleasantly surprised to find quite a selection of preemie clothes. They have some really cute outfits for itty bitty guys. I went for the onsies though, they have several with cute sayings on them. In addition, they have quite a few with cute applique animals on them with matching pants. I held the pants up and swore I was looking at doll clothes. I spent quite a bit of time trying to decide which ones I was going to PUT BACK-haha. So, when I finally wrapped my shopping up and headed for the check out stand, I found myself pushing a cart containing a 40lb bag of dog food, the basics-bread and milk and cereal-, and a big pile of preemie clothes for Blake and Jenna. I can't wait to see them in the clothes. Rest assured, there WILL be pictures of them in each and everyone of them. :)

They have both had a good day. Nothing new to report really. Oh! yes, Jenna's "PEEP" rate has gone from 10 to 9. All of these decrease adjustments to the CPAP are steps towards weaning them of CPAP altogether. She has done very well on the new change so far. We are so proud of Jenna! Blake pulled out his "OD" tube (feeding tube) today-ALL of the way. Guess he did his usual stretching and grabbed onto the tube and just pulled it right out. I can picture him moving his arm from his snuggie and going to stretch it above his head, all at the same time, grabbing the tube along the way. They placed it back and did an X-ray to make sure it was exactly in the right location. We are seeing more "alert" and awake times now. They both open up when they hear us talking and they also react to a slight change in lighting (like when we pull back the isolette flap to peek at them, they peek back). They are both definitely practicing the suck and breath action in prep for the suck, breath, swallow combo that is needed in feeding.

Don't think we mentioned before that the eye doctor saw them a few days ago. They both checked out just fine so far and will be evaluated again in about a week and a half. OT also saw them and posted a new "progress" report for them both. On Jenna's report it states that she likes to be patted on the backside when needing to be consoled and likes to be tucked in tight. Blake's report states that he likes to have pressure applied to him and/or likes to be allowed to hold on to your finger when needing to be consoled. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, OT and other specialists all looking after our babies.

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