Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Suprise

The newest update and surprise for the day is Jenna's weight gain. We got the report today that she weighed in lastnight at 2 lb and 14 ounces!!! She gained 3 ounces in a day. She did receive a bit of blood yesterday so there is a chance that this is accountable for some of the gain but we will see what she weighs tonight. She really looks good though. They will be measured for length tonight as well. Last Sunday they measured at: Blake 14.2 and Jenna 13

We'll add to the update after our evening visit tonight......

We're back from the hospital and have new news. Jenna weighs 2 lbs 15 ounces and Blake weighed in at 3 lbs 3 ounces again tonight. Jason and I were going to bet each other on when Jenna will reach the 3 lb mark but we both say it'll be on Wednesday. She is a bit swollen today but we'll see. We'll get their length measurements tomorrow morning. They have moved Jenna's CPAP rate to zero and she is doing well so far. This is a pretty significant adjustment. She is pretty much breathing on her own besides a touch of positive pressure from the machine. Blake has had a really good day, the amount of apnea/bradies he has had has decreased quite a bit. He had only 2-3 in a 12 hour shift. We are VERY pleased with this.

Kangaroo time was lots of fun. Blake and Jason did some bonding and Jenna and I got some good time in too. I am so thankful that I can now give my little ones kisses. All I dreamed of while pregnant was to look down at my babies and give them kisses on their little heads. I am now able to do that.

I realized something that I thought was kinda funny today. Jason often times will stretch and hold his arms up over his head while just hanging out and talking. He does this often and it seems like a "natural'" resting position for him. When I saw him do this tonight I immediately made the realization that Blake likes to do this too and now I know why! He gets it from him daddy. He prefers to have his arms stretched out above his head ALL of this time. How funny!

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