Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yay 34 weeks today!

Well, today marks 34weeks (gestation) for our twin miracles.....

Man, the past week has been so absolutely insane for us. It feels like it's been a year, and flown by in a minute, all at the same time.
Kim and I really really took the whole Rush disease, it's consequences, and the corrective surgery pretty hard. We've been talking about it and have identified a few reasons why this has hit us harder than some of the life threatening things in the past has. When I have time, I'll put up a post describing it.
But.... all that aside, yesterday brought some really great news. The eye exam went well for Blake & Jenna, they were both seen by the Speech & Occupational therapist and both said that Jenna & Blake were responding well and within normal. Then came the 2nd big event of the day. They got to move in together for the first time in 10 weeks!

That was certainly a joyous occasion.
Anna and April got talked into working again (4th 12hr shift in a row), so Anna is watching both, and April is taking care of one of their neighbors. We are kinda bummed that our twins have been paired up and we now only have one nurse instead of two, but we could not be happier that she is taking care of Trinity. We have really grown attached to those twins and we've also become pretty good friends with their parents. With April watching over them, we know they are in the best care possible.
So, anyways, my point is that I called and got an update from Anna this morning. Both did fantastic through the night. Jenna had one lil Brady, but it was briefe & she recovered on her own. Blake didn't have any A&B's, and has been sleeping comfortably.
Jenna gained an oz and is now at 4lb 5oz, while Blake lost 20g's and is at 4lb 8oz. Blakes weight loss isn't surprising after all that he's been through. That and he was retaining fluids and was a bit puffy after his surgery.
Both are doing great on their O's & are around 22-24% O2.

Anna told me the cutest lil thing... She said that this morning both of them were awake and she had them facing each other. She said that Jenna was making the lil "Ehhhhhh" sound that they tend to make, and that Blake was answering her back with his own lil "Ehhhh" she said they kept this up for a few min and really seemed to be talking back and forth. TOO CUTE!
About 45min later she called me. Blake had his normal bout of the hiccups and she wanted me to hear it. So she put the phone next to him and I got to hear his lil squeeky hiccup. Warmed my heart. That also goes to show how awesome those nurses are. They really go out of their way to make us a part of their care and every day life. Awesome nurses, y'all rock!

Today has started off pretty darn good. :)

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