Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jenna's BIG move-no more incubator!!

Jenna has been doing very well maintaining her temperature so was allowed to make the big move from her incubator to a crib. The crib is big enough for both her and Blake. Blake is still in the open air bed that he has been since his eye surgery on Friday. As soon as Blake gets the "ok", they will be reunited and he will join his sis in the crib. That will be great!

Anna was nice enough to hold out on moving Jenna til I Jason and I got there this afternoon. We got pictures and video of this momentous event. I know it may not seem like it, but this really is a big milestone for Jenna. She has needed to be in her isolette until today, 69 days after birth. this is a great accomplishment because it means she is healthy enough and does not need a temperature controlled bed any longer. She did very well during her big move and looked pretty darn cute when she decided to open up her eyes to see what was going on. It was fun to "celebrate" this milestone with our baby girl.

Blake seems to feel somewhat better and more comfortable today. His eyes are still swollen and he seems a bit tired. Poor guy, just as he is starting to feel a little better, he gets a follow up exam tomorrow. We will be praying hard tonight for a good report. The doctor did report that it was a difficult surgery. He thought he got it all but won't know til his f/u tomorrow. Jason took off of work to be there with us during this visit. We are also meeting with the OT and Speech Therapist tomorrow.

While I was sitting by Blake, I talked to him and told him how proud we are of him and that he really is mommy and daddy's little hero (him and his sister). HE responded to my voice by trying to open his eyes. It is so heartbreaking seeing him struggle. He tried to open one time a little too wide i guess and it must have hurt b/c he gave a out a very different cry. One that made me feel so helpless. This has got to be the hardest thing I have gone through......not being able to fix this for him. Waiting to find out if our attempts to save his vision and prevent blindness was successful. This by far has torn me apart the most so far.

Please keep Blake in your prayers and that he gets a good report tomorrow. Jenna is going to be rechecked too. She could use some prayers for a good report as well.

We thank you.

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