Monday, March 30, 2009

First Double Kangaroo Hold/Moving Day

Today I could hardly wait to get to the hospital. I was at home until about 3 trying to get this house in some kind of order. With Jason and I spending all of our time at the hospital, the dishes and laundry pile up real quick. And we all know that once you get behind it takes several hours to catch back up or days in our case. That and I am trying to knock one thing off of the "to do before babies come home" list each day. That and trying to find time to fit a work out in-I am sad to say that Jason and I have GAINED weight since right after I had the babies! UGGH!! NOT GOOD!!!All those quick fast food meals between hospital visits. Anyway...blah blah...on to the fun stuff.

I got to kangaroo hold both babies today. We had such a GREAT relaxing time. Jenna got settled in real quick and started high satting right away. She sat there looking at me, it was so cute! Then it was Blake's turn to join us. He settled in real quick too and seemed quite content. It was interesting finding enough area on my chest to hold them both but we got all snuggled in real close and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Then to top it off, Jason had made it in and joined us. We had a great time just looking at the little guys.

We then went to dinner and then home. We managed to get a little work out in as well. We went back to the hospital after a couple hours for our night visit. That and it was bath night so we definitely didn't want to miss it. Tonight, I bathed Blake and Jason bathed Jenna. When I turned Blake over to unwrap him and undress him for his bath, he continued to sleep. He didn't wake up until he was actually in the tub-haha. He did very well and seemed to like it again tonight. After we dried him and bundled him back up in bed, he was very alert. Relaxed but very curious. Jenna was good during her bath as well. She was pretty relaxed for most of it. We dressed her in her paisley preemie gown and hat. We put a little t-shirt under it to make sure she stays warm. She is quickly out growing it! Her hat is even a bit snug. Looks like I'll be retiring that one before too long. We had a great night with the kids tonight. Really wishing we could have them home with us!!!

On the way home, Janice called me to give me some news. The "twinkies" are moving bays. We will no longer be in bay 2. Thankfully, the twins are transitioning into the "feed and grow" part of their stay. While they are still needing to be watched closely, they are bigger and stronger now. This move means great things BUT we are in no means "in the clear" as far as possible set backs are concerned. We are still praying for continued strength and growth. That and that Blake's eye condition proves to need no additional surgeries. So.....with this move comes mixed emotions. As our nurses know, we have grown quite fond of bay 2. However, this does mean that we are one big step closer to being all together at home!! Our new home away from home is bay 7. It will be a strange and happy feeling not having to walk that long hallway down to bay 2 anymore. We always teased saying that we were the permanent fixture in bay 2 because we have seen many many babies come to bay two and leave for home or for the "feed and grow" bay but we were always the constant. Wow, to think we are actually the ones moving this time!!!!!

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