Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Which one is our Fav???

People have mentioned a few things over time, so I should probably clarify the situation a bit.

We've been told that sometimes we have more pics of one twin or the other. Sometimes we give more info about one or the other.

In some ways having twins has made it easier to give both equal attention as one of us with be with one kiddo, while the other hangs out with the other kid. vs. having kids of different ages. Maybe.... I don't really know for sure. But anyways.....

There are times when one of the twins will be positioned a certain way or doing something that prompts us to take more pics. Sometimes it's as simple as it being much darker on Jenna's side of the bay than Blake's (i.e. there is a light directly over Blake's isolette, where Jenna doesn't have a light in her corner). We take a ton of pics and only put up the ones that turn out well, so from time to time there may be more of one kiddo than the other.

Then, there are days when one kiddo is just cruisin along and there really aren't any changes in their status, while the other one may have some things that are changing (i.e. feeding, medication, status change, weight, etc).

Soooooo be rest assured that we love them both as equally as humanly possible. I don't see that changing until they are old enough to earn money and shower us with gifts and bribes. Then we'll really see who our favorite is! ;-)


HLH said...

I hope that no one SERIOUSLY questionned you on this. It is so obvious that those two little ones are your life. With everything you have to worry about I sure hope you don't feel like you need to justify anything to anyone! Maybe it was a simple clarification, that's all. Sounds like they are doing wonderful! Take care.

Jason and Kim said...

Well, it's not something that we think about a lot, but several people have said things like "gee, you have a lot more pics of Blake than you do of Jenna".
I'm sure people don't think we actually favor one over the other, just something to mention in passing?
So, figured I'd clarify for those that may wonder.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad to hear you haven't chosen favorites yet. I think it is wise to wait until they can spoil you.Hahahaha! I love it.

Anonymous said...

I know how many photos you have taken of BOTH Blake and Jenna, by the time they come home you will have well over 1,ooo phots!! Selecting the best of all those for the blog would be difficult.

As far as spoiling is concerned, we're still waiting to be spoiled!!
Of course Jason you know you were always my favorite, except when Tim was...except except except... Ha! Love you both always--now you know!

Anonymous said...

Well....Jenna is my favorite!!! Haha, just kidding!! I do adore that lil' sassy gal, but Blake is just as fiesty!! Could he have been any more spunky when he was being held today??