Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday (continued)

Okay, I am still way up high on cloud nine after today's surprise (think I'll stay up here for a while!).

When I got to the hospital this morning to visit Blake and Jenna I did the usual. I signed in, scrubbed in and walked down the long hall down to bay 2. While on my way, I was thinking about how many times I've walked this path and yet how many more times there will be. As soon as I walked into bay 2 and rounded the corner, I noticed that Jenna's isolette was pushed close to Blake's. First I thought, "Hmm, how cute. Guess they wanted to put them closer together for a while". Then I figured they must be cleaning and needed to move her over for a bit. Little did I know that Jason had called to check on Blake and Jenna before I got there and asked Anna and April if they thought Blake was up for being out of his isolette twice a day like Jenna is. More about this later though.

Back to my story....shortly after tellling April and Anna hello and having them see the confused look on my face Anna said, "We thought we would surprise you today and have you hold both Blake and Jenna". My response was an ear to ear smile. She asked if I wanted to, but I think before I could respond I was already sitting in the chair between Blake's and Jenna's isolettes with open arms-haha. Every since we found out that we were having twins, I dreamed about the day that I could hold both babies in my arms. Is there anything in the world better than having armfuls of beautiful babies? I can tell you, there isn't. Okay, maybe there is. Beautiful babies that are all yours (and your wonderful husbands). Jenna was placed in my arms first. I was so excited not only to be able to hold them both but was excited for them to be this close to one another again. Jason and I often wonder how much they must miss each other. We can not wait to have them in the same crib. Until then, this is as close as they will be. So, Jenna settled in very well. Then Blake was placed in my other arm. You've all heard of the warm fuzzies? Well, a wave of the biggest warmest fuzziest fuzzies you can imagine came over me-hahahaha. Two beautiful miracle babies FINALLY in my arms together. Before they were born, I could only dream about looking down into my arms and seeing two babies and imagine what they may look like. Today, I was able to experience one of my most anticipated moments. First, I was overwhelmed by the surprise as we all sat together. Once a few minutes passed as I watched Jenna peacefully sleep in my right arm and Blake settle into my left, the tears rolled. As I felt a gusher come on, I thought to myself, "Well, I don't have a free hand to wipe the tears!" haha What a wonderful "problem". Anna told me earlier to let her know if I get a face itch and need some assistance-haha. We both laughed about the prospect. Well, we didn't talk about tears-haha. As I sat there, I got a tiny sense (in the grand scheme of what is to come) of how busy we will be once these two little ones are at home. That didn't occupy my thoughts for long though. I quickly imagined sitting at home hour after hour, with one on the right, one on the left, staring into their precious little faces.

Both Blake and Jenna slept so peacefully with me today. What a fantastic surprise! What made it even nicer is that I later found out of Jason's motive for asking if Blake could be out of his isolette twice a day. He asked Anna and April if they could surprise me today with being able to hold both of them at the same time. I've said it once, I'm sure I'll say it many more times. Super husband and super dad all rolled up in one!

Blake and Jenna have some VERY cute clothes on today. Lastnight Janice dressed Blake in one of the outfits I brought in the other day. He was wearing a camo onesie that has turtles all over it. He looked soooo handsome! Jenna has on an adorable paisley type printed night shirt and matching hat. The pictures are posted, I just can't stop looking at them.

Well, as do most babies, Blake and Jenna are beginning to lose a little of their "newborn hair". Lastnight, Jenna had a couple little bald spots in the back of her head and today she has lost more on the top. Her hair looks a little lighter too. Blake has a couple bald spots on the back of his head now. I wonder what color will grow back.

I visited with Dr. Su today. Like he told Jason earlier today on the phone, he is very happy with where the babies are right now with their growth. They are now in the feeding and growing stage. He is thinking of trying Blake on a setting of 15 with his CPAP tomorrow. He has done so well with not having many A/Bs.

Jason and I visited Blake and Jenna this evening after he got off of work. Blake had a "mean" case of the hiccups. They lasted a very long time. He sounded like a little mouse squeaking with each hiccup. Jason got a real kick out of this. We got some video footage of it so I'm sure he will post it later. Jason held Blake tonight and I held Jenna. We all had a great time. I am looking forward to having Jason hold Blake and Jenna together. It is an experience that tops no other.

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