Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday March 16th

Wow, another good strong steady day for Blake and Jenna. We can proudly report that today was just a day of growing and getting stronger. These are the days that we prayed for and we couldn't be happier that we are experiencing them now. Jenna will be put on cannula tomorrow or Wednesday. She has been doing well, Dr. Su just gave her a bit more time today to prepare. Blake has been doing well too on his rate of 0! He has only had one brady today. Dr. Su has put them on unrestricted holding time so Jason and I can hold them as long as we want as long as they are doing well during their time out. This is definitely good progress. They get their second eye exam sometime this week. last check showed everything going well. This check will be a good indicator for strength and health of their vision from here on out.

I held Blake tonight, it has been a few days since I had. I missed the little guy! I was really looking forward to swaddling him all day today. I didn't go up tot the hospital this morning because I have been working on clearing things our of what will be their room. Jason and I broke the bed down and put it in the computer room. So anyway.....Blake peeked a little off and on out of one eye tonight while I was holding him. It was pretty comical and pretty darn cute. I kept telling him that it is ok to open the other-haha. However, he was not convinced tonight and just looked out of his left. for the most part though, he just slept. Boy, does he ever look like his daddy! We found a picture of Jason when he was two and there is no mistaken that Blake is a "Lil' J". Janice and Heather (Blake and Jenna's night nurses) think the same and think that Jenna looks like me. Speaking of Jenna. She has a very interesting and "retro" hair style these days. Much of her hair has lightened up a bit and another big portion has fallen out. She just looks so cute with her wild and crazy hair these days. I can see her eyelashes a little now. She was a little wiggly worm while Jason was holding her. She was very content, just wiggling around. As always, we enjoyed our time with them and can't wait to see them tomorrow.

Blake weighs 4lbs 2 ounces tonight. Jenna hasn't been weighed yet today.

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