Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day In Deed!!!!

Today was one I will never forget!

When I walked into the bay this morning, I was a bit confused and wondered if my eyes were playing tricks on me. Walking towards "our part" of the bay from the door, I noticed that something looked different. From there, it appeared that another baby had been moved into Jenna's "post". The overhead light was on and as I was wondering if I had gone a little crazy or just hadn't gotten enough sleep, I thought, "why did they move Jenna?". I put my bag down near Jenna's isolette and looked at the chunky-cheeked little gal in her spot. "Oh my gosh!" It IS Jenna! She looked truly amazing. A perfect little doll. Chubby cheeks. Perfectly outlined lips that looked to be "painted on" like a doll. Healthy skin, so pretty against her green St. Patrick's Day outfit. THE cutest button nose. After a few seconds of realizing that I was actually looking at my little girl for the first time I immediately asked Ann where I could get ahold of some tissues. Tears. Shear joy. For two months, we have only seen their faces, cheeks and nose "in full" for a couple VERY brief moments (seconds really). The brief moments we did get a glimpse of their faces, their cheeks and eyes were swollen due to the needed tape to keep the tubes in place. So seeing Jenna today, in a lot of ways, was like seeing my baby girl for the first time. Beautiful! That moment gave me much joy. Now I think I have experienced a bit of what I was afraid I had missed out on. Due to the nature of the twins' birth, Jason and I missed out on the overwhelming happiness that parents feel when they lay their eyes on their babies for the first time after delivery. Today, I think I must have gotten a taste of what that is like. Looking at and meeting your newborn for the first time. I wish Jason could have been there with me. I took a picture right away and sent it to him. We could not be prouder.

Blake has had a very exciting day too. This morning, Lindsey said that Blake was moving into a crib TODAY! They were cleaning one for him first thing this AM. Blake's temp was a bit low (first time in a long time) so we had to wait til he warmed up. I made it a point to get to the hospital early today and was planning on staying for an hour or two. However, I couldn't imagine leaving before witnessing his big move. He was ready at about 11:30. There he was, all bundled up and facing the second biggest move of his life. I held him while his isolette was being traded in for a bigger and better model-a real baby bed! His "prince" blanket was sitting there waiting for him. Next to it was Jenna's "princess" blanket. I assured him that his lil' big sis would be arriving in a few days. That's a reunion we are VERY anxiously awaiting. Blake has done very well in his new bed. Jenna is doing pretty good on cannula so far. We pray that the lil darlings will continue to take to the new changes well.

I will definitely include a HUGE thank you in my prayers tonight. As Jason's post reported, we have been reflecting a lot on the events since the start of the new year. Since things have slowed down, some of the emotions that went with the challenges are being revisited and relived. So much fear, anticipation, anxiety, questions, concern of the unknown, sadness and helplessness. I could not thank God enough, nor my family and friends, for the support and love that has been shared with Blake and Jenna. I know that this paired with their amazingly strong personalities have helped them overcome the difficult times. Tears of gratitude.


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