Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pleasant Surprise for Blake

haha Right after I get done saying how awesome Anna is, she gives me a call with more good news. This time she let Dr. Su take some of the glory and put him on the phone to fill me in.

Blake has been doing sooooo good with all the changes, that he decided to try him on canula today!!!!! This came as quite a surprise as we were expecting that to happen some time this weekend or maybe even next week. But Dr. Su felt that he was doing really good and that he was ready for the change.

After they removed the CPAP and get him all settled in with canula, Anna sent us a couple pics. The best one is displayed here, & the other two are in the album Kim posted yesterday.

The news that he was moving to canula and the pics to prove it have really made both of our days. We are on cloud 9 at this moment. Amazing how the emotions have turned around in such a short time. Ahhhhhh life in the NICU.


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Anonymous said...

Im so excited for Jenna and Blake! Go twins Go!!! its awesome to be able to see thier little faces and the way they look at each other!!
Love, Shelby