Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Friday!

Unfortunately I had to work until about 11:30pm last night, so we didn't get up to the hospital until midnight. But Heather was kind enough to hold off on Jenna's bath until we got there. Kim was more than eager to participate in getting Jenna all nice and clean. :)

Dr. Su has been wanting to meet in person to just go over all the things that has happened and things he sees in the future for the twins. Talking to Dr. Su always helps as he really takes a lot of time to explain things in detail. For us, knowing makes dealing with things Much easier.

We talked about the thin bones/fractures at length. He said that while Jenna has a bit of thin bones, there aren't very very bad and not to the point that he's really concerned. He said that in the past year and a half, he's only seen 3 or 4 fractures and those were in kids that were sicker and had thinner bones. He gave us the specif units of measurements to illustrate the different between Jenna and those he considers "at greater risk" and there is a pretty big difference. So that has really helped settle our nerves. I was pretty concerned about it.

We also discussed their current breathing and feeding status and what he has planned for them over the next week or so. Jenna only has one, maybe two more notches on the air pressure before she moves to Canula. He will most likely drop the pressure from 8-7 today. Then perhaps try Canula some time this weekend. She's been doing perfect with her breathing changes, so he's very confident she'll handle these final changes well. He was also wanting to try Bolus feed (feed all at once vs. the constant feeds she's getting now) in the next few days. However, he said he may make the move to canula first, then try the bolus feed after she's settled in. It all depends on what she's able to handle.
Blake is also doing really well on his breathing. In the past, they've made some moves to wean him off the cpap & he did good at first, but then needed help again. Soooo they are going to move a bit slower this time. They will probably reduce his bpm rate today. Dr. Su anticipates that if things go decently, he may be off cpap by mid-end of next week. Same thing for his bolus feeds.
Once they are doing good with bolus feeds, they can begin trying to bottle feed. In the mean time, Dr. Su is going to schedule official visits from the Occupational & Speech therapists to start working on some developmental exercises they do. Such as stimulating a suckling response, etc.

So, some exciting changes are in the works. The next couple weeks will be filled with hopefully anticipation and cautious optimism.

Jenna weighed in at 3lb 10oz & Blake was 3lb 14oz.

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