Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another day in the books

The kids had another good day today.

Not much going on really.
Blake only gained a couple grams, and he's still at 4lb 2oz.
Jenna didn't gain any weight today, she's at 3lb 13 oz.
They've done this a couple times before. They'll stay the same weight for 2-3 days, then have a growth spurt and gain a few ounces in one day.
Then again, both of them had some pretty big changes this week (Canula, & moving into crib), and even the smallest things cause them to burn extra calories. Little do they know that later in life they'll be watching calories and trying to eliminate them. Life is crazy like that.

Both have been doing great with their breathing. Jenna has taken to canula quite well so far. She has had a couple A&B's a day, but that is expected with such a big change.
Blake is probably going to drop to the lowest CPAP setting tomorrow morning. If he does good on that setting for a few days, then he'll be moved to canula as well. Sooooo we may be able to see his beautiful face quite soon.

Tomorrow may bring one more big event......... Jenna may re-join her brother, and move into the same crib as him. That will be an amazing thing to see both of them sleeping next to each other. Reunited at last!

Blake & Jenna got some new neighbors this morning. Around 5am this morning, there were two more miracles on 32nd street (St. David hospital is on 32nd); two beautiful identical twin girls.
While we were visiting our twins, we met their father. His girls were born at 24 weeks, so we immediately had quite a bit in common. We got a chance to chat for about 30min and found out that mom and the baby's are doing good. Congrats to the new family.

As you know from reading our story, this is going to be a journey for this family. So please add twin baby girls O'Brian as well as mom & dad to your prayers (mom and dad have not aannounced their names yet so we thought we would keep that private until they do).
Kim and I firmly believe that all the prayers and thoughts the twins have received from our family and friends have helped tremendously and we'd like these little girls to have the same good fortune.

It's late and time to get some sleep. Hope everyone has a good evening.

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