Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday March 9th

We got some good news this morning from Anna. She said that she felt that Jenna has gotten to the size and stability where we can hold her twice a day. What a treat!! Blake isn't too far befind.

Jason and I stayed at the hospital until after midnight lastnight. Jenna decided to start looking around and being curious of her surroundings right when we decided to go home. I just couldn't pull myself away so we stayed and watched her for another half hour. While we were holding them lastnight, one of the respiratory therapist came by to do a check and he mentioned that when he went to suction Blake earlier in the night, Blake gave him a little "eehh!" to let him know he did not appreciate being disturbed. Apparently he does this a lot for him. Blake is known for this little ehhh sound that he gives when someone does something he is not all that happy about. Mainly when he is disturbed.

Time for dinner. We'll post more after our visit.

Well, we are back from our night visit. We have new stats on Blake, he is 3lbs 9 ounces. Jenna hadn't been weighed yet. Dr. Su is back after being away at conferences for a couple weeks. He is very happy with the twins' growth. He asked Anna "Where did the Reid twins go?", jokingly. He said he almost didn't recognize them. ;) I'll let Jason post more of what he said, he gave him some details about what we are headed for next. All good progress so far. I got some video of Jenna looking around lastnight. I'll try and get it posted tomorrow.

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