Friday, March 27, 2009

"In Time Out"

Well, the little ones have been "misbehaving" lately......they have been sent back to their rooms.

Blake and Jenna have needed to be bundled up with lots of blankets to keep warm. They aren't quite maintaining their temperature like the doctors and nurses would like to see so they have been placed back into incubators. Once they start maintaining their temperature again and can do so consistently, they will be back in a crib together again. Maybe with the changes in feeding and with all the excitement lately, they just aren't able to quite get there and stay there at a good temp yet. Bottom line, we certainly don't want them to catch a cold or worse! So, back to "their rooms" for now. '

I forgot to add their weights....
Jenna 4lbs 6oz
Blake 4lbs 9 oz
Such chubby little ones-haha!

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