Monday, March 16, 2009

Sailing Along Sunday

Here we are, making it back home really really late (or should I say in the wee early hours of the morning). We just can't seem to get a schedule that works the same for us each day, even after 65 days in the NICU. Oh well, maybe we will get it figured out by the time we finally get to bring Blake and Jenna home. ha!

We visited the babies this morning for a few hours and then again late tonight. Tonight was bath night for them so I was able to participate more in my "parental duties". They both did great. Blake wasn't too happy about being disturbed so much but he loved the hair washing/massage.

Blake and Jenna are both doing well still on thier CPAP changes. We'll see if Jenna gets on cannula tomorrow. Blake had 3 apneas all day. Guess he is noticing his rate change and is working on adjusting to the new "feel". Jenna weighed in at 3.11. She had not been measured yet tonight. Guess we'll get her length in the morning. Blake weighed in at 4lbs and measured 16 1/4 inches! Way to go kiddos!!


Jharon said...

You crack me up with that schedule comment. Including the maybe we will get it figured out by the time we finally get to bring them home!!! Welcome to parenthood (don't you just love it when people tell you how it's going to be?). Schedules are something you will always work on, but will never seem to get. Just when you feel like you have a schedule for your babies, it will change, and you will have to start all over again. Such is parenthood. Made my self cry yesterday thinking about how soon it is until my daughter leaves to go to college and moves out of mommy's house. She's in 9th grade, but it seems to be moving too fast! Enjoy them while you got them.

Anonymous said...

4 pounds! WOW what a big boy! Way to go Blake, encourage your "little" sis to shake a leg and hit that 4 pound mark too.