Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Relieved; Cautiously Optomistic

Today's eye exam brought a couple emotions. It has brought much relief and carries some cautious optimism. With Blake's right eye, we received the desired report, "Good Laser". Those two words carry with it a huge cause for celebration. The report on Blake's left eye, while good, brings much caution to let our guard down quite yet. He does have some retraction that could be reason for another surgery. Another week of recovery will help indicate if another surgery will be needed. We hope to see retraction at his next exam. Unfortunately, if scar tissue develops, preventing the traction to regress, another surgery will likely take place. This surgery, "Buckle", would be done to help prevent the pupil from detatchment. We are VERY grateful for the report today. Words seem meaningless when attempting to describe the feelings of relief we are experiencing. Along with that, we are very anxious and nervous about the traction in his left eye. However, we have great faith in the continued prayers and positive thoughts. We are very hopeful that Blake's left eye will heal as needed.

Great news for Jenna, her exam showed no progression of her Stage1. The doctor said he is not concerned at this point and that it is highly unlikely for it to change. We will continue to pray for good reports for her as well, as we know how the unexpected can very well show it's ugly face. The surgeon is going to continue to follow both her and Blake until he feels they are in the "clear". We were also told that both babies would need glasses. Glasses?! Ha! Such a MINOR MINOR thing. whew!

We are so so proud of our babies. They are teaching us oh so much about being resilient and strong. They are truly two tiny heroes!

Dr. Su told her that they were going to be rewarded today and will be rejoined! We are at home taking care of some things and then will head back up to video their reunion. Can't wait!!

Thank you all for your continued prayers. We love you guys!

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