Monday, March 23, 2009

A new week begins

Well, here we are.... another Monday; another day at work. I would really really rather be at the hospital with Kim and the kids. But.... gotta keep things going.

Anna & April are back at work and watching the kids.
Normally, when babies are this age and pretty stable, they would combine them with one nurse. Apparently their nurses weren't having any of that and wanted to stay with their babies, sooooo they combined our kids with their neighbors Trinity and Kinsley. Kim and I had talked about that over the weekend. Last night Rhonda told us that a lot of parents want their kids paired to one nurse, however we Love our regular nurses and would really like to keep them around. That and we want Trinity and Kinsley to get the best possible care, so I was elated when Anna told me that they would be watching them as well as Blake and Jenna.

This weekend was pretty tough for the Reid family. Blake faced a big challenge and was set back a little bit on moving to canula. But.... he's a trooper and pulled through pretty good. He was pretty fussy yesterday and just wanted to sleep. He got Really angry when anyone would mess with him at all. It appeared that he was sleeping soooo hard that he would start to brady (A&B's), and require a little stimulation. He was sleeping so hard that he often would notice light stimulation, so we really had to shake him a bit to get his heart rate back up. Other than being wore out, he seemed to be doing pretty good. As the day went on, he seemed to settle down quite a bit, and when I held him at 10pm last night he slept peacefully the entire time. He was back on cpap and breathing room air (21% O2). Hopefully he'll be able to make the move to canula in a few days. We really can't wait to be able to see the beautiful face that has been hidden beneath all that tape (holding CPAP in his nose).
Good news is that since they couldn't make the move to canula, and they needed to start his feeds up again, so they figured they may as well try bolus feeds. They started him up at 12pm yesterday on 10cc's and he's been doing great so far. He's had hardly any residual from his feeding, which is a great thing. Hopefully he'll be back up to full feeds, get the IV out of his arm, and start working toward canula very soon.
Last night his weight stayed the same. Considering all the stress he's been under & burned extra calories, that's a good thing. He measured a little over 16 1/4 inches.

Jenna has been doing great. She's also been on room air and has taken to canula quite well. The Dr's wanted her a little heavier & therefore maintain her body heat a little better before they moved her to a crib. Last night she weighed in at 4lb 2oz, so she should be there. Last week when they measured her, they may have made a mistake because when Rhonda measured her she measured 16 1/8 inches, which was a huge jump from last week. Soooo she measured her another 3 times just to make sure. She's almost as long as her "lil brother" now!
Now that she's been on canula for a while and doing good, the Dr's will most likely want to try her on bolus feeds pretty soon. Soooo more big changes in store for the lil tykes this week.

Last bit of info before I get back to work. Blake has a follow up exam with the laser eye surgeon on Wed. Since he'll be in the area, he's also going to check Jenna's eyes again. We are really hoping and praying that he was able to get all the damaged blood vessels in his eye, and that Blake won't have to undergo another surgery. Keeping fingers crossed.

Hope everyone has a great day.

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